Brief Biography of Journalist Mohamad Y. Jaber

Mohamad Yousef Jaber is a journalist originally from Lebanon. Mr. Jaber became a journalist while he was still in high school. During this time, he would alert newspapers and other news outlets about student functions and issues. He learned everything about what it means to be a journalist; reporting, getting sources, finding out what was necessary to make a story, while he was continuing his studies. At this time, he worked for the newspaper “Al-Mouhrer.” This coincided with the beginning of the Lebanese war in 1973. He obtained a degree in Faculty of Law and Political Science at the Lebanese University in Beirut.

It didn’t take long for him to discover that journalism was his true passion and shortly after graduating, he freelanced as a reporter for several news outlets, among them were ‘Beirut’ and “Al-Youm.” He finally secured a post at the much lauded newspaper, “Al-Lewaa” and he went on to become Managing Editor of the paper for a decade. He also had the first radio show dedicated solely to students and educational issues at the official Lebanese radio station and then made his way to official news outlet for the Lebanese Ministry of Media. Jaber worked as a media attaché at the Ministry of Education with several notable Ministers: Boutros Harb, Issam Khouri, and eventually Dr. Salim El-Hoss (at the time, El-Hoss was Minister of Education).

With the unfortunate passing of former Prime Minister Rashid Karami, Dr. El-Hoss went on to become the PM of Lebanon and Jaber became his media advisor. As media advisor to Dr. El-Hoss, Jaber accompanied the PM on several trips and conferences held in many Arabic and European countries. Jaber’s last trip with Dr. El-Hoss was to the UN in New York.

In 1990, Jaber immigrated to the United States and settled in Dearborn, Michigan. He immediately began working at different media outlets (print, radio, and television) in Michigan. He also freelanced for local newspapers and appeared in other media outlets until he started his own magazine, “Al-Sabeel” in 1992. At this time, Jaber also hosted a local Arab language television show (Lebanese American TV) which broadcast from and in Dearborn. The television show was closed due to the influx of the wide variety of Arabic TV stations that became accessible with the emergence of satellite broadcasting.

Jaber continues to publish “Al-Sabeel” (also known as “The Best Way”) as a monthly publication. The magazine covers local news and events, especially those pertaining to Arab-Americans in Michigan. Although it covers mainly the Arab-American community in Michigan, the magazine is circulated throughout many cities and states in U.S.

In 1991, Jaber became a member of “The Lebanese American Heritage Club” which is based out of Dearborn, Michigan (U.S.A). As a member of the club, he works in the public realm especially when it comes to social, political and other types of events and issues. At the time of his membership, he became the official media advisor for the club and now he also serves as the club’s vice president.



نبذة عن الصحفي محمد جابر

محمد يوسف جابر صحافي من لبنان، مارس الصحافة وهو على مقاعد الدراسة عبر دوره كمراسل طلابي في المرحلة الثانوية، بدأ رحلته الإعلامية، في جريدة “المحرّر” مع بداية الحرب اللبنانية.

تنقل بعدها بين عدة صحف منها: “بيروت” ” اليوم” حتى استقر أخيرا في جريدة “اللواء” ووصل فيها إلى منصب سكرتير تحرير وشغله لمدة عشر سنوات.

كذلك عمل في الإذاعة اللبنانية الرسمية، وكان من أوائل الذين أعدوا وقدموا برنامجا إذاعيا طلابيا تربويا، انتقل بعدها إلى الوكالة الوطنية الرسمية للأنباء في وزارة الإعلام اللبنانية.

شغل منصب ملحقا أعلاميا في وزارة التربية مع الوزراء السادة: بطرس حرب، عصام خوري، وأخيرا مع الرئيس الدكتور سليم الحص الذي كان وزيرا للتربية، وأصبح بعدها رئيسا لمجلس الوزراء خلفا للرئيس الراحل المرحوم رشيد كرامي.

رافق الرئيس الحص في عدة جولات ومؤتمرات في عدد كبير من الدول العربية والأوربية، كان آخرها في الأمم المتحدة في نيويورك.

هاجر جابر إلى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية عام 1990، حيث عمل في عدة صحف وإذاعات وتلفزيونات محلية في ولاية ميشيغن، إلى أن أطلق مجلته “السبيل” عام 1992، وأطلق بعدها تلفزيون محلي لمدينة ديربورن عبر “الكايبل” التلفزيون اللبناني الأمريكي، والذي اضطر إلى اقفاله بعد هجمة الفضائيات العربية على الإغتراب، ولايزال يصدر مجلته “السبيل” حتى الآن وهي تغطي نشاطات وأخبار الجالية وتوزع في عدة مناطق ومدن أمريكية.

إضافة إلى الإعلام ينشط محمد جابر في قضايا الشأن العام عبر النادي اللبناني الأمريكي في مدينة ديربورن بولاية ميشيغن الأمريكية، حيث يتولى فيه منذ انتسابه إليه عام 1991 منصب المسؤول الإعلامي، وهو يشغل حاليا منصب نائب رئيس النادي.

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